The Nice kitchen
One brand. One style. One kitchen.


The Nice kitchen offers a whole range of complementary technologies for the

professional kitchen to ensure dimensional and design compatibility: horizontal 

and vertical cooking appliances, blast chillers, refrigerators, dishwashers and appliances

for preparation and storage. High performance is combined with an integrated software 

and hardware system so as to offer maximum ergonomic comfort in a distinctive style.

Common integrated technology

The technological solutions developed by the Nice kitchen are the essence of the group project: 3 modules for appliance, energy and restaurant management.

TNK technology


The versatile and
unlimited refrigeration

Coldline designs and manufactures refrigeration
technologies that simplify the daily work of cooks,
pastry chefs, bakers, pizza chefs and ice cream
makers. Anticipating the needs of the market
by offering innovative solutions for the conservation
of all types of food is Coldline's daily challenge.


Cooking equipment 
for making
extraordinary dishes

Modular specializes in the design and manufacture
of cooking systems for the professional kitchen.
Modular, robust and reliable elements, designed to
offer maximum performance for the timeless kitchen.


Performance ovens
for successful Cook&Chill

Nevo develops solutions for cooking and
regenerating food with absolute precision.
Ovens that are designed to work non-stop
day and night: versatile in the production phase,
indispensable during service, they make work
in the kitchen more effective. 



Stainless steel supply
with a common design

In compliance with the philosophy of coherence
and design which distinguishes the Nice kitchen,
Tuls offers a wide range of elements in stainless steel;
appliances for preparation and storage that make the
kitchen an harmonious and comfortable work space
for cooks and pastry chefs.



Systems for a quality
food delivery service

Food delivery is a growing business which has
added to the traditional food service business.
LinearBi technology is integrated into the Nice
kitchen and allows you to manage the relationship
with the customer with full autonomy delivering
dishes with the same fragrance as when served
at a table.


Premium ghost kitchen

Merryday is the modern ghost kitchen that unites
quality catering and home delivery. It is also a research
laboratory where, on a daily basis, we study the effects
that the Nice kitchen technologies have on food and
develop new solutions for the cooking process.
An experience shared with our the Nice kitchen partners.