Integrated common technology

3 modules for appliance, energy and catering management

Always connected
to your kitchen

Cosmo is the innovative wi-fi technology the Nice kitchen that allows you to connect cooking, blast chilling and storage appliances to each other and remotely monitor them. Thanks to Cosmo you can manage the entire kitchen from your smartphone and be sure that all devices are operating correctly.

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100% performance
with 50% power

Balance is the only wi-fi technology that enables 100% performance of appliances in the kitchen using only 50% of the nominal power.

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Successful enterprise
is managed with data

Qadra is the ERP that manages the catering enterprise by cutting costs and maximising profits. Qadra is integrated with Cosmo and Balance and allows processes to be standardised, made repeatable and controllable. From the kitchen to the lounge a single, totally integrated system. 

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