100% performance with 50% power

Balance is the only wi-fi technology that allows you to use 50% of the nominal power of the appliances installed in a professional kitchen while maintaining 100% performance. Modular, Coldline and Nevo appliances are the only ones that allow you to create a kitchen with integrated energy control.

Energy management
and cost savings

Clean energy produced with sustainable criteria, electric kitchens will play a leading role in this future scenario. Balance is the Nice kitchen technology that virtuously manages the energy needed for cooking and saves on fixed costs for the catering business.

All the advantages of Balance

No installation costs


Balance, thanks to wi-fi connection, does not require masonry and installation costs


Guaranteed savings


Unused energy is transformed into an immediate financial gain of thousands of euros per year


Standard on TNK devices


The Nice kitchen products are designed to be connected to Balance


Kitchen without limits


Balance allows new or renovated kitchens even in locations with limited energy availability


Remote monitoring and support


Balance connected to Cosmo is constantly updated and, if needed, receive timely support from TNK Customer Care

Everything under control


The Balance Monitor allows you to check the effectiveness of consumption control in real time

No monthly extra costs


Balance guarantees compliance with contractually defined electricity supply limits, avoiding monthly extra costs and unexpected contractual adjustments

No medium-voltage cabins


Keeping the kitchen's power consumption below 100 kW avoids the installation of medium-voltage substations costing up to 70,000 euro

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Balance: wireless connection and savings

Balance connects all TNK devices and, via wi-fi or mixed network (wi-fi + cabling), optimises energy consumption. The modem enables Cosmo connection for constant monitoring from the Cosmo App.

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