Always connected to your kitchen


Cosmo is the innovative wi-fi technology the Nice kitchen that allows you to connect cooking,
blast chilling and storage appliances to each other and remotely monitor them. Thanks to Cosmo you can manage
the entire kitchen from your smartphone and be sure that all devices are operating correctly.



Your 24-hour security

Storage cabinets work non-stop 24 hours a day, while overnight cooking in ovens and blast chillers extends the production cycle. Thanks to Cosmo, even without the presence of personnel, you have the certainty that the programmed cycles run correctly and the selected foodstuffs are preserved at their best.

From the Cosmo App you monitor each appliance: WhatsApp or SMS messages notify you of any malfunctions and allow you to promptly restore correct operation of Coldline, Modular and Nevo technologies.


From the Cosmo App you can download daily reports and retrieve previous ones



TNK Service knows the operating parameters of the connected device in real time and offers support for timely technical interventions


Predictive maintenance

Cosmo compares the performance of the luminaire with ideal performance. In case of significant differences, it suggests the necessary interventions




Kitchen activity can be scheduled by the CosmoApp and cycles bolted on board the machine


Always up-to-date devices

Thanks to Cosmo, the software Vision, Modi, Levtronic, Thaw.Pro, Qubi receive free periodic updates released with the latest features developed. A solution that allows you to always work with innovative technologies.


Choose how to connect


3 connection modes allow you to choose the most suitable solution for your kitchen or laboratory layout.

Independent connection

Each device can be connected to Cosmo independently.

Devices with a touch screen connect to Cosmo natively, those with traditional control through an optional module.

Cosmo Hub and cabling

Digitally controlled devices are wired and transmit data to the Cosmo Hub - a device with a touch screen - which connects to Cosmo with wi-fi technology.

Connect storage cells
with Cosmo Hub Console

Cosmo is also available for other manufacturers' cold stores. By installing the Cosmo Hub Console you can concentrate control and extend safety to the entire cold chain.

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